Welcome back to the House of Mab!

We are Austin's premiere Dark Fantasy Ball and we are returning for our 4rd installment on December 18, 2021. We've missed all of your beautiful faces and souls and we look forward to gathering once again, under one house, to celebrate all things dark and magical. Dance among the Unseelie Fae. Music, Performance Art, Altars, Ritual and more.

*Masquerade, Fantasy and/or Formal attire required.


As our honored VIP you will receive

  • Front Row VIP Seating
  • Exclusive Satchel of Accoutrements
  • Special performance for VIP guests
  • Exclusive Access to our VIP Lounge complete with Hors d'oeuvres

Seen At House of Mab

Photo Credit: Rusk Photography

Ideas for what to wear...

Fantasy and/or formal attire required.