Cassandra Carico The Spider Goddess

Gain deep insights about your life’s path and uncover what you seek to know. Spider Goddess Tarot is a seasoned witch and tarot reader who is available to you this evening to illuminate the dark.

Cosmic Mother Creations

From the darkest corners that the light can touch, you’ll find the creations of an Enigma most magical. From tiny trinkets to stunning home decor, you’ll get the fix for all your mushroomcore desires.

Grotesque Anomaly

Bones, taxidermy and mummified specimens combine to create the dark and lovely art of Grotesque Anomaly. All biological specimens are responsibly sourced.

House of the Wildling

House of the Wildling celebrates the wild and untamed witch within us all. With handmade, organic products infused with intention, you’ll find all kinds of witchy wares from ritual oils to beeswax candle sets.

Naoi Direction

Original hand crafted jewelry designs made with real crystals to empower the witch's ritual. Featuring a handful of vaguely disturbing artworks by an artist with a dark heart and no soul, Azez Morose Chavez.

Sigil Sisters

Join these devilish sisters at our photo booth to capture the night in your finest dark fantasy attire. 

Siren Emylie

Dive into a treasure trove of magical mermaid art, apparel, and jewelry. Here, everything is aquatic themed with the intent to create a tsunami out of your confidence.

Whimsical Alchemy

Specializing in copper-electroforming natural elements to create unique charms for personal empowerment.